Jimmy Durmaz symbol against racism and unity in Sweden

He played only 15 minutes at the football World Cup in Russia, but Jimmy Durmaz was a body with Sweden at the Russia Mondial 2018,

a symbol of anti-racism and the collective sense of his country.

One of the distinctive images of the Russian Mondale outside the green rectangle:

Durmaz stood up with his long beard, in a training session read in front of the media from his cell phone,

a call to stop racist attacks against him and his family in front of his colleagues who lined up behind him and applauded him in the end.

What’s wrong with Jimmy Durmaz?

The free kick, through which Germany scored the goal of winning 2-1 in the fifth minute of the time lost in its match against Sweden in the second round of the first floor.

A defeat did not prevent Sweden from crossing into the final price,

and from it at the expense of Sweden (1-0) to the quarterfinals to meet England next Saturday in Samara.

After Germany’s match, racist insults raged through social networking sites against Durmaz,

who was born 29 years ago in Orebro from a Turkish August and a Lebanese mother (both Aramaic) who migrated to Sweden from Turkey.

“I am Swedish and proud to play for the Swedish team,” said Durmaz at the Swedish team camp in Gelendzhik. I will not let some racists destroy this pride. ”

Arab Demon

He received threats in his account on Instagram, where he was called the “cockroach”, or “Arab demon”, or “terrorist” or “Taliban “.

When he was playing in Greece with Olympiacos Piraeus (2014-2016),

he visited the Syrian refugee camps and also received criticism of the gesture.

In response, the outreach sites also spread a label defending it,

and a demonstration was organized to support it in Stockholm.

Elias Durmaz, his 18-year-old brother, also a footballer, expressed his “grief ” in front of the cameras.

“I was disappointed by the way my brother was treated because he is Swedish and represents the Swedish national team,” he said.

Swedish Sports Minister Annika Strandhal wore the player’s shirt to support him,

with his number 21, during a parliamentary question session.

Durmaz agreed to “criticize because of his performance”,

but he saw that the “limit has been exceeded”, because his family and children were also threatened.

Jimmy Durmaz represents the strength of the Swedish group

But the French Toulouse player is not only a symbol of the fight against racism in Sweden,

it is also the strength of the Swedish group, which has reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup for the first time since 1994.

“We have a great team, inside the pitch and on the bench,” said Swedish coach Yanana Anderson after winning Switzerland (1-0) in the final price,

believing that “football is a collective sport. We know how we got here. ”

Durmaz played only a quarter of an hour,

a time when he committed that unfortunate mistake to Timo Werner, who ultimately did not cost Sweden anything.

In 47 international games, he scored only three goals,

but one was decisive on the road to the World Cup against France,

where he scored the winning goal (2-1) that gave Sweden a European attachment when Italy made its defensive approach,

which proved to be a great success in Russia’s World Cup.

Currently, he often participates in the bench, where he observes his beard and tattoos of oriental Christian symbols.


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