Helena Mattsson the Popular Swedish Actress

Helena Mattsson was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden.

Moreover, she used to act since her childhood in dramas, musicals, and concerts.

Helena Mattsson Early life

Early Life
Early Life

She studied acting at the high school of SödraLatin in Södermam.

Additionally, she said that this school gave her a great opportunity in order to pursue her preferred career confidently.

Mattsson played early roles in Wild Side Story and other cabarets in Stockholm.

Furthermore, during her teenage period, she moved to London to attend the theatre school.

Moreover, at the age of 19, she moved to Hollywood to participate in the audition for a TV series.

After winning a role in the short-lived 2004 TV series in Ohio, her planned short visit became permanent.

Mattsson’s Swedish accent held her back. “When I started working, my strong Swedish accent made me lose a lot of roles,” she said.

However, she also said that her career has gotten better for she had the opportunity to take part in some American roles.

Helena’s Filmography

Helena has participated in so many films and TV series whether they are short videos or complete series.

Moreover, she played a great role in Iron man 2, in which she was Rebecca.

In addition, she also took many great roles in some great movies and short films such as surrogates and Mrs. Right.

Some other films, she took part in with only her voice like Moomins and the comet chase, in which she was Snork maiden.

Furthermore, she took part in seven psychopaths as the blonde lady, in 2012 as well as Tess in Audrey.

Some other films that she took roles in are in the post-production phases like the Neighborhood and Something about her.

She Also took some roles in some TV series and will tackle those now in the article.

Popular TV series

As well as the films, she also took part in some popular TV series like the well-known CSI.

Moreover, she took roles in both the CSI and CSI: NY versions of the popular TV show.

Besides, she also had a role in the beloved by many series CSI: Miami.

In addition, in the well-known TV series Two and a Half Men, she took a role as well as the popular Ingrid.

Moreover, she took part in some great shows like NCIS: Los Angeles as well as the Mentalist.

One of her best well-known roles is her role in the popular show Nikita.

In 2011, she took a role in breakout kings as well as Detroit 1-8-7.

Furthermore, she also participated in some great roles such as Mistress and Fargo in 2014.

Some great shows like American Horror Story: Hotel took her as an actress in four full episodes.

Helena Mattsson has also starred in some popular ABC series called Desperate Housewives.

Moreover, she is considered one of the best- known actresses at all times.

In addition, her filmography is full of many great cinematic works that outlined her life with her great performance.

Therefore, people with a passion for Swedish actresses and their great works in Sweden must know their great Helena.




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