Swedish Man found dead undiscovered for three years

A Swedish man found dead in his apartment in an area in Stockholm.

However, this man has not been found for three years, but the police did after all.

How they found the Swedish man

The Sweden police said that they discovered the body after three years.

Moreover, they calculated the amount of time by checking the fridge as well as the newspapers found near the door.

Besides, there was a radio that is still playing along with the lights were on when they arrived at the scene.

The deceased man was dead for three years and sadly, they did not find out no sooner than three years after the incident.

Furthermore, the police said that they found the body in the apartment in the Skanstull area of Sodermalm in Stockholm.

A police officer in Sodermalm named Viktor Adolphson said that the man was discovered when the payments stopped.

Unfortunately, the man had not been discovered until his payments were due.

What did the police say?

They said that they believed the man died because of natural causes, but not determined yet.

In addition, he said that it was unbelievable for someone’s death to be undiscovered for this long period.

Therefore, he told the press it, unfortunately, happens on occasion.

Besides, he expressed his melancholy about the incident and it was present in his talks to the media.

However, there were neighbors that warned about the man’s absence and said that they had not seen him for a long time.

It is an uncommon incident to the people and the police as well, but it sadly happens from time to time.

However, the police showed how much they care about their citizens illustrating that it is their job.

Sweden police is one of the best officers amongst all Europe; therefore, they undoubtedly know what they do.


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