Monica Zetterlund the Swedish singer and actress

Monica Zetterlund started with learning the classical jazz songs from the radio .

Moreover, she did not know the language of these Songs.

Who is Monica Zetterlund?

Monica Zetterlund is a Swedish jazz musician and actress who was born in Sweden in 1937.

Moreover, She was known for her jazz voice and her test in the music she made was outstanding.

Therefore, her hit songs included “Sakta vi gå genom stan” (Swedish cover of “Walking My Baby Back Home”; in Swedish a tribute to Stockholm city),

In addition to other songs such as “Visa från Utanmyra”, “Sista jäntan”, “Trubbel” and ” Gröna små “äpplen” (“Little Green Apples”).

Besides, she made a lot of efforts in making songs like “Monicas vals” (“Waltz for Debby”), “Stick iväg, Jack! “Hit the Road Jack”, and “Att angöra en brygga”.

Additionally, she also did a lot of great songs like “Var blev ni av”, “Måne över Stureplan” and “Under vinrankan!”.

She also interpreted the works of Swedish singers and song writers such as Evert Taube, Olle Adolphson and Povel Ramel.

In addition, she also interpreted some works of international jazz musicians as well as song writers.

Besides, She worked with some of the popular international jazz musicians, including Louis Armstrong, Bill Evans, and Stan Getz.

Filmography, Discography, and Death

Monica Zetterlund participated in many Swedish movies; however, she was famous for her music.

Some of these well-known movies include:

a) Swedish Portraits (1964)

b) Docking the Boat (1965)

c) Night Games (1966)

d) The Apple War (1971)

e) The Emigrants (1971)

Moreover, she also participated in other many great Swedish movies like The Children from Blue Lake Mountain 1980.

Furthermore, she also had some great albums that are loved by her fans till now such as:

1) Holiday for Monica (Phontastic, 1983)

2) Monica Zetterlund Sjunger Olle Adolphson (Phontastic, 1984)

3) Monica Z (RCA, 1989)

4) Varsamt (RCA, 1991)

However, on 12 May 2005, she died following an accidental fire in her apartment in Stockholm, Sweden.

Moreover, she suffered from severe Scoliosis after a childhood accident and was the reason she retired from performing in 1999.


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