Maher Zain the Swedish-Lebanese Songwriter and Musician

Maher Zain is a Swedish-Lebanese singer, songwriter, and Musician.

Moreover, he is famous for his marvelous and outstanding music albums.

Maher Zain’s early life

Maher Zain was born in Tripoli, Lebanon on July 16, 1981, into a Muslim home.

Moreover, His father was a part-time singer back at his early days Who introduced his son to music at early stage.

However, he and his family moved out of Lebanon and settled in Sweden.

Furthermore, his father after moving to Sweden did not make too music; however, Maher got the love of music from him.

Maher Zain then got a keyboard as a gift from his father in his 10th birthday and started making his own music with his father’s help.

Therefore, he worked so hard on himself in order to become a solo music producer.

Afterwards, in 2005, he met Redone a popular music producer at that time and helped Maher to grow.

Maher Zain Career


First, he moved to New York and worked as a small-time producer for a couple of years.

Moreover, he also got a lot of big opportunities from time to time.

In 2009, he became popular in the city and people knew his name in the music scene.

Therefore, after becoming popular he signed his biggest contract with ‘Awakening Records’.

Furthermore, his debut album ‘Thank You Allah’ was out to the public in November 2009 and had 13 tracks.

However, it also had two more bonus tracks in which the first bonus one was ‘Palestine will be free’.

As Maher was still a new artist back then he needed an intense promotion and social media was new back in those days.

Therefore, they started to use it as promotional platform for the new album and it received a great response.

Moreover, Maher’s lyrics discussed how the world colossally misunderstood Islam.

He talked in peace and harmony, therefore, soon he became a superstar in Malaysia in 2010.

After that he became a well-known artist in the whole world and his latest album ‘one’ in 2016 was a great success.

Moreover, he now is a largely great performer and musician known by millions around the globe.


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