Queen Silvia of Sweden Biography in details

Queen Silvia of Sweden was born on December 1943 and was King Carl’s wife.

In 2011, she became the longest serving queen of Sweden.

Queen Silvia of Sweden early life

She was born in Germany on 23 December 1943 and was the only daughter of the late Alice.

Moreover, her father was German; however, her mother was pure Brazilian.

She had also two brothers Ralf and Walther and their families and they were guests at the wedding of Victoria in 2010.

In addition, they lived in San Paulo, brazil, where the Queen attended the traditional German school.

However, they returned to west Germany in 1957 after Walther held positions including president of the Brazilian-Swedish Company Uddelholms AB.

Career and Marriage

Marriage life
Marriage life

Queen Silvia worked at the Argentine Consulate in Munich right before her marriage to the king of Sweden.

Therefore, she was an educational host during the 1972 summer Olympics in the city back at that time.

In addition, she worked as the Deputy Head of Protocol for the winter games in Innsbruck, Austria.
Besides, she worked as a flight attendant for a very brief time.

Moreover, she is also a trained interpreter and Swedish is her sixth language along with five others.

As well as French, German, Spanish, English, and Portuguese, she is fluent in Swedish sign language.

As for her marriage, she got married to King Carl XVI Gustaf On 19 June 1976 in Stockholm Cathedral.

Furthermore, they had three children and five grandchildren, Princess Victoria, Prince Carl Philip, and Princess Madeleine.

1) Crown Princess Victoria

She had two children, Princess Estelle as well as Prince Oscar.

2) Princess Madeleine

The princess had also two children, Princess Lenore and Prince Nicolas.

3) Prince Carl Philip

He had only one child, Prince Alexander.

Queen Silvia had great involvement in colossal charity organizations, especially when it comes to disabled children.

She also made numerous public statements about human rights and children sexual exploitation.

Moreover, she was such a great person and made a lot of great contributions to Sweden as well as the world too.


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