50-year-old restaurant owner sentenced for exploiting a young Couple

50-year-old restaurant owner was sent to jail for exploiting a young couple.

However, the couple came to Sweden to study and work.

Norrkoping District Court

District court on Thursday found out that the restaurant owner is guilty of human exploitation.

Therefore, it was the first time that anyone convicted of that crime in Sweden.

The young couple are in their mid-20s and they are well-educated, but unfortunately without any knowledge of Swedish Labor laws.

Moreover, they recently arrived in Sweden, where one of them had been accepted to university and moved out.

Therefore, they came in contact with the man seeking housing as they did not know anyone in the country.

The man then offered them an apartment, when he knew from them that they did not have a place to live in.

Afterwards, he offered them jobs in his restaurant for 100 kronor ($10.55) an hour plus a room and board.

However, they ended up struggling and working long hours without getting any money for their work.

Moreover, they demanded their money, but then the man threatened them with deportation.

He also threatened them with violence and a most likely fake weapon, which led them to call the police.

How the 50-year-old restaurant owner defended himself?

The man denied that the couple worked for him at the restaurant and told the trial that they only sleep in the apartment.

However, some witness statements from other staff members in the restaurant proved the opposite.

Therefore, the court eventually rejected his claim and stood for the young couples.

Furthermore, the court had evidence that showed that the couple worked around 12 hours six to seven days a week.

However, they got only a salary of 28 kronor an hour, which is not appropriate for workers in the country.

The court said that these working hours are not reasonable, but ultimately the young couple did not have any other way.


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