PewDiePie the famous Swedish Youtuber is the second on YouTube rewind 2019

PewDiePie the famous Swedish Youtuber got on rewind this year.

Moreover, he got on the list as second as the most viewed youtuber for 2019.

PewDiePie the famous Swedish Youtuber

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg also know as PewDiePie is a famous youtuber who made videos on a lot of video games that you might love.

Moreover, he is famous for his vlogs and standup comedy and has become one the YouTube celebrities.

Therefore, he had more than 48 million subscribers for his YouTube channel which is more than Rihanna.

He is making a fortune for just posting video games and know-hows about those games.

Therefore, anybody with great content and ability to play a certain game like a pro, then create a channel.

PewDiePie literally left his studies to become a Youtuber and starting his YouTube channel.

Moreover, he started his channel on 29th April 2010 with a Minecraft gameplay as a starter.

Besides, he went on a live video that showed a zombie that spawned in a Minecraft.

Afterwards, he started some video series including games like Call of duty: black ops.

He also uploaded video of other games such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent as well as Dead Space 2.

In addition, people knew him for playing only horror and action games at first when he became PewDiePie.

Why do people love him?

why he is so special
why he is so special

He is loved by everyone all around the globe for his funny interactions on his videos.

Moreover, he mostly laughs, screams, and goofs around as if he is hanging out with his friends.

Another thing people also like about him that he takes this as an easy task as he does it for a living.

Therefore, he makes a lot out of making those videos and when asked he told that he earns more than $7.4.

Moreover, this is why he is so successful and did not leave his studies for nothing apparently.

Felix was into art and would draw popular video games characters like Mario and Sonic the hedgehog.

However, his parents were not happy about his decision and refused to fund him at first.


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