Helena Seger partner of the Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimović

Helena Seger is a Swedish woman who became an incredibly successful businesswoman.

Moreover, her best claim to fame is being the partner of Ibrahimović.

Helena Seger Early Life and Career

Helena was born on August 1970 in Lindesberg Municipality that falls under Orebro country in Sweden.

Moreover, she was the eldest amongst her sister Karin and her brother Henrik.

After graduating from school, Helena pursued a graduate program in economics, which led her to leading a strong professional career.

Therefore, she worked for so many Swedish multinationals and transnational organizations in highly responsible positions.

At first, in 1983 she worked at Gul & Bla, a Swedish org when she was only 13 years old.

Moreover, she enriched her professional experience a little more when she worked for other renowned companies like Diesel.

She also worked as sales representative for three years in Bonner promoting their products.

In addition, she worked for Corona and Hooch as a marketing and sales representative for two years.

Additionally, she took some fabric embroidery and pattern design classes in her leisure time.

She also enrolled in some brand management and marketing classes when she was working in the tobacco industry.

Her Personal Life

Personal life
Personal life

Afterwards, she left her job at FlyMe and settled in with her partner Zlatan Ibrahimović in Italy in 2005.

Moreover, in 2006, the couple had their first-born boy, then they christened him as Maxmilian.

They then in 2008, had their second baby boy who they named Vincent.

Furthermore, the two parents with their children liv now in Paris with their pet dog Trustor.

Helena definitely knows how to enjoy her life to the fullest and usually takes extended breaks from her business.

However, there were rumors that they will follow Victoria and Beckham by migrating to the US.

The couple is well-known for their investment in real estate around the world.

Therefore, they have many properties in the market now for an expensive makeover.


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