Sweden safety: Flights to Iran stopped after Ukrainian Plane Crash

Sweden safety is by all means the concern of the government.

Therefore, flights to Iran has stopped due to these serious concerns.

Moreover, the Ukrainian passenger plane crash earlier this week had more than 176 causalities.

Furthermore, this made Sweden have concerns about their flights to Iran.

So, on Friday, the Swedish Transport Agency made a statement on stopping flights to and from Iran temporarily.

The decision came to withdraw the traffic permit for Iran Air as there is uncertainty about the Ukrainian accident.

Sweden Safety and Flights ban

Iran Air is the only airline that goes directly from Sweden to Iran and vice versa.

Therefore, this will undoubtedly make problems for regular travelers and businessmen in general.

But the passengers’ safety is paramount and that’s why we have decided to temporarily halt the

flights,” Gunnar Ljungberg, head of sea and air traffic at The Swedish Transport Agency, said in a statement.

Moreover, this is due to the Ukrainian plane crash causing more than 170 Casualties.

This plane went down near Tehran on Wednesday after the missiles Iran launched in Iraq earlier.

American, British, and Canadian officials assume that Iran the one responsible for the shooting down the plane.

However, this was afterwards denied by Tehran and no one knows who is responsible for this horrible incident.

Swedish foreign ministry confirmed that 17 of them are Swedish citizens and registered residents.

“We demand that the incident is investigated speedily, impartially and transparently,”

Swedish foreign minister Ann Linde wrote on Twitter.

In addition, Austrian Airlines announced on Thursday that flights to Tehran returned to Vienna.

This all due to a strange stopover in Sofia that led them order the flights to immediately return back.

Furthermore, German flights to Tehran also stopped until January 20 due to the unclear security situation.

The situation in Sweden remains uncertain till now, but they assures people that safety is all what they care about.


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